Of the five founders of HHB, all Brazilians, three live in the United States and when we got together for a family Christmas party we decided to do something different and found the Axe Throwing to go test it. Surprisingly that night was fun, we played and loved the atmosphere, so while playing we already start talking about opening our own house initially in the USA, but quite immediately we start asking ourselves why this is not in Brazil yet ? We knew that if we bring it to Brazil it would be an stimulating alternative for people to have fun doing something different, spend their time with friends, groups, co-workers and even a date. That day the project was born!

Back to our house in New Jersey, we built our own target, bought a few hatchets and started playing in our backyard at the same time we started planning how to open this business in Brazil.

From taking the decision to find a good place, hire good architects to help us designing the best layout and decoration, to hiring and training great coaches to teach people how to play the game, took us almost a year of planning and execution, but we are very happy to offer people from Sao Paulo the most innovative , entertaining and funny way to go out.

We learned that throwing axe was an old activity, originally from Nordic Europe, brought much later to the USA. Today there are hundreds of those houses in the US and keeps growing, became an sport, with a league, tournaments and also a place where people without experience, with all ages, can play safely, always , but really always having fun!

Owners Ricardo, Joseph, Felipe, Alexandre and Roberto wanted their Brazilian subsidiary to be a nice, safe, warm atmosphere, good food and in a funny environment, where groups of friends create their memories by doing something different and definitely out of their comfort zone. This is also a perfect environment for a corporate Team Building exercise, creating a healthy competitive environment while reinforcing the team spirit. Birthday or Bachelor/ette parties can also be very different and your guests will love to be an active part of it, doing it in an absolutely not boring event.