You are about to throw an axe, make sure you follow all the safety rules and rules of the HHB before you start!

Never throw and axe if someone is present inside the throwing area, be sure there is nothing between you and the target and any people must be behind you when you look to the target.

IMPORTANT: Whether you are a beginner or a returning player, you always pass through the warm-up and orientation minutes with our Line Coach / Trainer. He/she will go over the basic rules, how to make sure we will have fun in a safe environment and allow each participant to make a few throws under his supervision before you and your group can start playing among yourselves, competing  and having fun. The Coach is the judge if your group is ready to play independently and it is fully related to behavior not time or skills or experience. Nobody will be allowed to play before the “WAIVER” is read and signed.

The RULES of the game consists in

Every participant gets 10 throws per match, 5 throws on each side of the designated axe throwing space. Both participant that are ready to throw need to throw at the same time, one cannot wait till the other throws in order to throw, they must be thrown at the same time. The winner of the match is determined by the most points after 10 throws. If the axe is in 2 rings simultaneously, then they are awarded the points for the higher valued ring the blade is touching the target. The two (2) blue circles located on the top left and right, called “kill shots” award 10 points, each player has one chance to make this shot, but must announce it before throwing, points only count if he/she makes the shot, otherwise 0 points are awarded.

In the event of a tie, there will be a sudden death where participants will throw simultaneously until one hits a circle worth more points than the other player.

Stick and Stay Policy

The axe must remain in the target for the throw to count. If it falls out, then the throw will be awarded a “0” (zero) points.

Alternative scoring mode

Each person throws, recording the points from each round (see point values image). First person to 21 points wins!

Basic Scoring

  • 10 points for the blue “kill shot” dots.
  • 6 points for the red center bulls-eye
  • 4 points for the smaller ring before the bull eye ring
  • 3 points for the third ring
  • 2 points for the second bigger ring
  • 1 point for the first outer ring