You are about to throw an axe, make sure you follow all the safety rules and rules of the HHB before you start !

​Never throw and axe if someone is present inside the throwing area, be sure there is nothing between you and the target and any people must be behind you when you look to the target.

​Knowing when to throw is almost as important as knowing how to throw, as it could cost you major points if you throw too early or too late. Here’s some tips on knowing when to throw the axe. Axe throwing is a competitive sport which means players throw against other players. Each lane has two targets side-by-side which means you and your buddies throw right beside each other.


Safety is paramount in the sport of axe throwing and a major reason are the axe throwing coaches. Following the rules makes this game fun and VERY SAFE, risks are minimal when played with responsibility and following the rules. Remember, coaches are there to control and decide if any person is behaving against safety rules and has the right to remove that person from the game (red card).


Each and every axe is inspected prior to each event to ensure the axe is up to par. Participants are instructed to grip the axe by the handle and only the handle. Coaches ensure the blades of the axes are sharp enough to hit AND stick to the target, but are not razor blade sharp to the touch. No broken axes are ever used.


Each throwing area is designated as a throwing lane. Fences block this area from the rest of the facility to keep throwers and axe all contained. Only the 2 throwers and the axe throwing coach are allowed in inside the lane at one time. This includes ensuring the area behind the throwers is clear. For safety reasons, participants are instructed to throw and retrieve their axes in sync with one another.


Each event is assigned a fully trained axe throwing coach. Coaches provide step-by-step direction throughout the entire event from orientation, demonstrating how to throw an axe, running tournaments to crowing the ultimate axe throwing champion. These coaches monitor the overall safety of the event as well as provide personalized coaching for the participants to be able to hit that bulls-eye.

How to throw an axe:

So, you think it’s as simple as picking up a wooden handle with a steel blade attached to it and whipping it hard? Think again. It is not difficult, but there’s a lot of technique and strategy that goes into every throw if you want to be a winner. You’ve got two options:

  1. Two hands holding the axe and over or behind the head (easier and recommended)
  2. One hand holding the axe and over or behind the head.

What to wear:

You are free to wear whatever you want, as we know you may be coming directly from work or other event, however we suggest you be comfortable and wear a closed toe shoe. It is a sport event!!

Shoes should be as comfortable as possible, high heels should be avoided and we can’t be responsible for any ankle or other torsion/injuries or a damage if an axe falls on your uncovered toes.

We give you freedom to decide and use common sense, be prepared, if possible bring sports clothes and sneakers, but be responsible for yourself if you decide to play with any other clothes